What is NCAA?

“NCAA” stands for the American Collegiate Athletics Association (National Collegiate Athletics Association).

There are a total of three leagues, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd division, within the body of the institution that manages the vast majority of university sports in the USA, not only in basketball but in all sports branches).
The number of American athletes who become professionals without playing in universities, especially in the NBA, is too few to be counted, and many talented young athletes from all over the world aim to receive NCAA scholarships.

While colleges take into account not only sports skills, but also academic proficiency (SAT and TOEFL exams) and personal references, athletes who lose grades are warned from the team and removed until they raise their grades.


Officials of NCAA teams have the right to travel to their schools to find new athletes on certain dates and under clear rules. While this scouting process can be with one-to-one contacts for rare talents, the most preferred format is the selection activity called “SHOWCASE”.

The competitions between the young athletes whose applications are evaluated are monitored and scouted by the authorities and the talented ones are followed up and examined.

Due to the strict NCAA rules, varsity teams’ screening period outside the USA is limited to nine days, twice a year.


It should be preferred because it is the easiest and cheapest way to win a basketball scholarship in universities and high schools in the USA.

Due to the development and globalization of our basketball, the level and quality of our basketball leagues have increased a lot. 6 foreigners can play in the Super League and 2 foreigners can play in the 1st League. For these reasons, a difficult process awaits professional basketball player candidates who have reached the age of infrastructure.

It is a great opportunity for our young athletes to be able to continue their education and sports life at the same time in America.


In case you are selected, the high school and university UBA International officials who will give the scholarship will notify the athletes they have chosen and will request the athletes to be reached.

In case you are not selected; By getting the chance to be among the UBA Elite Team, which will be selected from the showcase event, you can have the opportunity to show yourself at the NCAA Tournament in the USA in the summer, or you can realize your America dream by getting consultancy service from UBA International.